iCallGlobe Carrier Service Review

Leading VoIP service provider iCallGlobe maintains long term relationships with PTT’s, incumbents and mobile operators from all over the world. We have interconnected with over 40 global network providers through our various points of presence. This enables us to successfully operate as a prominent UK carrier services provider that is globally competitive in terms of cost and availability through a well devised A-Z call termination. Continue reading iCallGlobe Carrier Service Review

Services provided by Voxsy

Enterprise Solutions

Looking for innovative and cost effective enterprise audio and video solutions – You have come to the right place. At Syringa, we do R&D to develop world class products and solutions. We understand the need for enterprises to communicate better and create value to their end customers. Real-time voice and video communications have become the need of the hour to be able to generate and maintain business across the country as well as across the global. Some of the value-added solutions that Syringa has developed are described below. Continue reading Services provided by Voxsy

VoIP Phone Service Comparison

Nowadays, As broadband Internet access ( high speed internet )growing speedily (89.9 million U.S. households will have broadband Internet access by 2011—69.3% of what will be America’s then 129.7 million total households), Broadband Phone services and business are also growing rapidly. Vonage is a major Broadband Phone services provider. Continue reading VoIP Phone Service Comparison